About Imperial Pastry


Running a Restaurant or Hotel in Miami? Imperial Pastry is a frozen pastry factory in Miami. We supply high-quality frozen croissants, chocolatine, and Brioches and will delight your most demanding guests with only a few minutes of baking. We believe our clients deserve only the best. Try something new, Imperial Pastry is eager to help you improve what you have to offer. Contact us today to learn more!


Restaurants in Miami are all about breakfast, desserts and much more. We can provide you with delicious croissants, chocolatine and brioches, all made with delicious French Recipes. If you want excellent pastry at your restaurant, Imperial Pastry is the perfect choice, providing high quality frozen pastry.

Hotels &

Hotels and Resorts are all over Miami-Dade and Broward, catering to a wide range of cultures. The pastry is always a valuable addition for those stopping by on vacations, providing an experience that improves the appeal of your stay.

Imperial Pasty can provide you with the best-frozen pastry, offering croissants, chocolatine, and brioches just right for hotels and resorts.

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